Fastlead for frontline leaders
Summary: Increase the confidence, capability and performance of emerging and frontline team leaders.
Written by Grant Heinrich 26 Jan 2024

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The award-winning Fastlead program is proven to rapidly develop the leadership capability of frontline management.

Fastlead graduates will:

  • Become more confident, calmer, better organised and more effective people leaders

  • Develop essential skills and knowledge to enable them to lead their team to sustained, elevated business results by setting stretch performance expectations, proactively coaching and developing team members through staged delegation

  • Become willing to embrace difficult conversations and deal with conflicts in a timely and effective manner; and be skillful in creating a dynamic, positive, and collaborative work environment.

Why do clients and managers like Fastlead?

  • It increases the confidence, capability, motivation and performance of emerging and frontline leaders;

  • It’s flexible, inexpensive, easy and fast to deploy;

  • It does not require participants to be away from their teams for long periods (only two hours in small group coaching sessions); and

  • It has connections back to the participants’ managers; Participants and managers are supported 24x7 via website resources.

Fastlead is a smarter, less expensive way to successfully develop emerging leaders and frontline management.

Who is Fastlead for?

Frontline management and “emerging” leaders. Typically, strong performers who are:

  • About to lead a team of individual contributors (become a team leader)

  • Transitioning into leading a team

  • Have recently transitioned into leading a team.

In each of these cases, they now need support to develop their management and leadership skills.

Fastlead offers accelerated, personalised development of leadership skills specifically for this group. We offer a different style of small-pod coaching to middle management and sales.

A good business case

Given the transition to first time leader is usually the most challenging leadership transition anyone faces in their career, support provided at this critical time is highly valued, and provides long term return on investment for the organisation.

Well developed emerging leaders:

  • Get good at leading, and consequently lead their teams to sustainable high performance;

  • Become strong advocates for the organisation, and have high engagement;

  • Stay with the organisation, and develop successors.

How does Fastlead work?

What is small group coaching?

Most organisations invest in emerging leader programs for hi-potential employees or new managers. These are often a combination of workshops and mentoring activities spread over a 12 to 18 month period. While effective, in most organisations we work with, places on these programs are limited, and waiting lists are long.

Fastlead is designed around the concept of small group coaching. With small group coaching the learning takes place over 6 months in mini-workshops, consisting of only three participants and a coach. Each “session” lasts only two hours.

Like regular workshops, each coaching group has a content piece (that runs for 30 minutes), and then, while all the participants stay in the room, the Fastlead coach provides coaching to each participant.

This makes the learning highly personalised and practical. Participants practice the new skills and ideas they have in between coaching sessions.

Small group, big talk

Since issues and challenges being discussed are very often common to all participants in the coaching group, the other participants are highly engaged while another participant is being coached. They learn by listening, and also experiencing a professional coach in action.

Fastlead coaching groups are highly interactive sessions, with the coach helping the group explore practical management and leadership tactics and skills that work best.

The benefits of Fastlead in summary

  • Fast to deploy. Fastlead can be deployed within a fortnight. Because it deals with small groups, we can start one “pod” or many, and get their training underway immediately.

  • Inexpensive. Fastlead can be deployed for approximately A$100 per participant a week. This is half the cost of customised frontline management programs, and about the same price as Cert IV programs (but with twice the contact time). We have designed Fastlead to be the best value in the market, and the most effective.

  • High quality. Fastlead coaches are fully accredited, vastly experienced and, as you will see from the feedback we get from the participants, very highly rated by frontline managers. The content and design of the program has been developed after many years of training frontline leaders.

  • Very personal. Fastlead feels personal because participants can choose the topics covered, share current challenges in every session, and feel part of a small but supportive group. This means they get the most out of the training, and your organisation gets the most out of its investment.

  • Flexible. Our many clients use Fastlead in many ways. Some have replaced entire frontline management programs with Fastlead and are running 15 to 20 pods at one time (one even client has 50 active pods!). Other clients simply use Fastlead tactically, one pod at a time as three participants are identified. It can be delivered fact-to-face, or virtually.

  • It works, and it’s guaranteed. Feedback from clients, participants, and their managers has been consistently outstanding. So much so, that we are happy to offer a money back guarantee for the first pod. You have absolutely nothing to lose by piloting Fastlead today.

Contact us to discuss booking your first frontline leader pod.

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