The Fastleader podcast is here. Whether you’re a new frontline leader trying to survive their first few weeks, or an established middle manager looking to polish their personal leadership style, the Fastleader podcast will help you take that critical next step up the ladder.

With a focus on practical analysis, tips and actionable ideas, each week the Fastleader podcast examines one of fourteen core leadership challenges.

  • Team challenges like managing conflict; focusing a team; setting performance expectations; delegating; coaching and developing others; setting priorities; and communicating effectively.

  • Boss battles like managing up; understanding your leadership brand; and communicating effectively.

  • And there’s advice for dealing with peers: leading change; influencing with authority; understanding your leadership brand; and engaging and motivating others.

Created by Fastlead, AsiaPac’s pioneer of small group leadership coaching. Hosted by Darin Fox, Chief Research Officer (LinkedIn).

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The Fastleader podcast

EPISODE 20. 03 Mar 2021

What are the differences between being in a change situation vs a an uncertain situation and how might you need to modify your approach when dealing with uncertainty.

EPISODE 19. 27 Jan 2021

Your organisation may hire a team of expensive change managers to support a change but the most critical factor in change is you, the team leader. In this episode, learn how to better support your team through change that has been imposed from the board room.

EPISODE 18. 13 Jan 2021

Listen in on two returning guests talk about "managing upwards" and the best ways you can go about it to improve the relationship with your manager and improve outcomes for your team.

EPISODE 17. 16 Dec 2020

There is a lot of talk about organisational culture. But what about team culture? Learn how you as a team manager can build the culture you want in your team from two top experts.

EPISODE 16. 09 Dec 2020

2020! So how did you cope? And, how will you? Learn personal coping mechanisms for the long haul and how you might better support your team.

EPISODE 15. 26 Nov 2020

Learn why trust is like rocket fuel to building resilient, high performing teams and what you can do as a manager to go from average trust to high trust.

EPISODE 14. 11 Nov 2020

Today we are talking about Situational Leadership, one of the most globally popular leadership models ever. So what is situational leadership and why is it so popular among managers like you?

EPISODE 13. 28 Oct 2020

How do you present yourself as a leader? What's your "leadership brand"? In this episode, we offer hints and tips to build an authentic leadership brand - and how to deal with circumstances where that authenticity is challenged.

EPISODE 12. 12 Oct 2020

How can you become more aware of your impact on others? Two experienced executive coaches explain the importance of self-awareness - both to you as a leader, and to your team.

EPISODE 11. 28 Sep 2020

We know this: look after your team’s wellbeing and resilience, and you'll create greater productivity. But how exactly do you improve overall wellbeing - and what danger signs show you that team wellbeing is threatened?

EPISODE 10. 10 Sep 2020

In this podcast we have two expert guests who give lots of practical advice to look after yourself and to better support your people at a time when challenges to our mental health are occurring almost on a daily basis.

EPISODE 9. 31 Aug 2020

In this episode of the Fastleader podcast, we look at emotional intelligence. What are its six core skills, and how do I know if I need to improve my emotional intelligence?

EPISODE 8. 17 Aug 2020

You may be the boss, but does that mean people will do what you ask? In this episode of the Fastleader podcast, we examine why saying "Do it because I'm the boss" never works that well...

EPISODE 7. 03 Aug 2020

The most effective way to manage situations that develop between a leader and team member is coaching. But it's not a skill that comes naturally to most new people leaders, so in this podcast we ask two highly experienced coaches to tell us how it's done.

EPISODE 6. 20 Jul 2020

Conflict is not inherently bad. In the workplace, it rarely turns into yelling and shouting, yet we all tend to avoid or mismanage conflict. Why?

EPISODE 5. 06 Jul 2020

Managers must confront a lot of uncertainty: new competitors, disruption, changes in leadership and shifts in strategy. But you can't let uncertainty slow you down, or distract you from important goals. How do you set priorities in an uncertain and ambiguous time?

EPISODE 4. 22 Jun 2020

How can I create a sense of purpose and galavanise my team around it? In this podcast, we ask for practical tips and advice to create a strong purpose for your team, and then to also ensure that your purpose doesn't become another empty corporate slogan.

EPISODE 3. 01 Jun 2020

What are the seven motivators that drive each person in your team? How are they affected by a crisis, and and how you can support each team members' individual style.

EPISODE 2. 25 May 2020

Practical, helpful and, above all, relevant advice for all front line leaders, who want to be the best leader they can for their team. Hosted by Darin Fox, Fastlead coach.

EPISODE 1. 11 May 2020

Every single day now, leaders face situations they've never faced before. But don’t panic, there are techniques you can use to prepare for even the most surprising events.